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As BIH, vocalists/multidisciplinary artists Carmina Escobar, Roco Córdova and Dorian Wood consider the contexts of space, public proximity and ancestral energy to construct a web-like spatial environment consisting of their interacting voices. Each artist brings their respective trajectory to this intention, replete with mindfulness and an urgency to continue addressing hidden narratives around body autonomy and claiming/reclaiming space, specifically relating to the queer cosmic family model: the blood we choose. As an evening-length performance, BIH investigate fluid histories through ritualistic practices and material experimentation, centering on the broad possibilities of vocalization. BIH transform the space, intermittently inviting the public to engage in a mutation of process, utilizing concepts of voice as both unifiers and isolators. BIH pose the following: Are we vessels for something finite, or conduits for a broader, more complex purpose? Blood is here is a plea for an alternative to documentation and archiving that relies on human presence, mindfulness, focus, perspective and legend to assist in the longevity of our existences.

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